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Google Photos

Google Photos provides free storage, automatic organization, and smart searchability for all your photo memories.

For the product launch, we went all-in on search and created #EasyThrowback: a campaign combining the popular #TBT trend and the search intelligence of Google. To fulfill the $10M media buy, we took-over Times Square with a pumpkin patch, partnered with Buzzfeed for a 90's throwback event, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, partnered with major league sports, displayed OOH throughout major cities, created a curated Tumblr experience, owned Google’s social channels, and enlisted social influencers of all kinds to show how easy Google Photos makes it to find that one perfect throwback photo you’re looking for.


The results:

On-air TV: 3.1M viewership, 10+ in show mentions // Digital campaign: 12M social impressions, 67K engagements, 150K YouTube views. 

Evernote Spaces

Evernote Business launched Spaces, the newest feature that allows teams to organize, create, and share in one place. Our goal was to motivate prospective users to try the new Evernote Business and get current Evernote Users excited to upgrade.


To accomplish this, we crafted a strategy that illuminated the frustrations and interruptions inherent in a modern workplace and positioned Spaces as the place that can help make teamwork (and the actual work) better.

We created a large-scale digital campaign built around the main message of getting teams to their best work. We executed through a live-action launch video, product demo video, animated banners, organic and paid social posts, campaign landing pages tested by audience, Facebook carousels, all with a personalized brand tone and style. The campaign highlighted that with Evernote Business Spaces, your team will have the tools to achieve their very best.

The results:

71% increase in Evernote Business site visits

110% increase in trial sign-ups

Formula X
for Sephora

People love to post pictures of their nails — it’s practically an internet subgenre. But, no one had tried to capitalize on it. The Formula X site is a rainbow-hued, deeply interactive, comprehensively social place for fans to share, show off and snag new ideas.

You can search by color, popularity, polish categories, you can even favorite colors or inspiration in your own custom profile. From your profile, you can post — whether pictures of your own nails or pictures of the colorful things that inspired you. All photo uploads receive a custom color matched recommendation of up to five Formula X polish shades, so the urge to shop has never been greater!

The results:

10K product loves

4K inspiration uploads

45% increase in site traffic

1M social impressions

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